The RAMBO Mission Statement is as follows:  The Roswell/Alpharetta Mountain Biking Organization (RAMBO) Chapter of the Southern Off Road Biking Association (SORBA) is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving off road biking recreational opportunities through advocacy for quality trail systems. RAMBO fosters relationships with community leaders & land managers, promotes volunteerism, and outdoor recreation that is consistent with environmental protection, thereby strengthening the community and quality of life.   Toward these ends, RAMBO/SORBA has the following goals:

1.      Activities and Programs. To provide its members and the general public with opportunities to steward, care for, and create trails on the Southeast's open spaces. We offer trail maintenance work days, bicycle courtesy patrols, group rides, educational programs and family activities designed to promote the responsible use of public trails by mountain bikers.

2.      Environmental Protection. To provide leadership in protection and preservation of the environment by advocating the development of informed public policy, by advocating the development of sustainable trail system and by encouraging the establishment and management of protected land and water areas within SORBA's geographical area.

3.      Organization. To provide an organization of volunteers and professionals who will manage SORBA's facilities and programs, encourage public respect for the environment and mountain biking, offer SORBA's expertise to others, and support individual contributions in realizing SORBA's goals.

2019 Board OF DIRECTORS:

President: Brad Wender
Vice President: John Beisner
Treasurer: Kevin Ash
Director - Forsyth County: Joe Baker
Trail Director-Roswell/Alpharetta: Jim Cullen
Trail Director - Forsyth County: Charles Scherer
Bike Patrol Director: Tim Mondor
Free Ride Director: Ryan Kramer
Ride Director: OPEN
Membership Director - Andy Gress
Marketing Director – George Aubrey

Non-Voting Members-at-Large
Events Coordinator - Forsyth County - Jeff Welling
Events Coordinator - Roswell/Alpharetta - OPEN

RAMBO Chapter Meeting Dates:

Typical Meetings are 3rd Monday of each Month. Location changes each month - see Calendar
1600 Old Alabama Road, Roswell, GA 30076


About Us:

Welcome to RAMBO (Roswell, Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization), a 100% volunteer association of mountain bikers representing Mountain Bikers in Roswell, Alpharetta and Forsyth County. We are a chapter of IMBA / SORBA (Intl Mountain Bike Association/Southern Off Road Bicycle Association), a member-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, officially chartered organization. We generally meet the 3rd Monday of each month at various locations in Roswell and Alpharetta, keep an eye on our web page and emails to confirm before deciding to attend. Join our facebook page and signup for email updates through this site. Refer to our RAMBO Event Schedule pages for a calendar of important happenings.

Our members share a common passion for our sport. RAMBO goals include the planning of new trails, maintenance and improvement of existing mountain bike trails used by riders in our area. We also seek to enhance the experience of all levels of mountain bikers… from beginner to hardcore. Both of these goals are served by sponsoring training and instruction sessions, fun community events, trail building parties, and sharing the issues facing mountain biking in our community. If you like what you see and would like to help us improve the area’s MTB scene, then please join RAMBO/SORBA, as a RAMBO Chapter member. $39 a year for a single membership, with discounts for families and multi-year memberships helps secure trail access and promote our sport in our community. Be sure to check the RAMBO chapter affiliation on your application. Of course, donations are always appreciated. Donate to RAMBO online via PAYPAL (right), Donation Pipes at trailheads, and Donation Boxes at RAMBO events.

We build the trails you ride… Join us!