Time to nominate the 2017 RAMBO Board of Directors

RAMBO 2017 Board of Directors Nominations and Voting:

Nominations will open for the 2017 RAMBO Board of Directors on Nov 21th at our Monthly Chapter Meeting. Nominations will close during the RAMBO Chapter Meeting on December 19th 2016 at 7 pm at Taqueira Tsunami in Roswell, Ga.  New board members for 2017 will be elected at the December Chapter meeting.  You must be a RAMBO member to vote and to hold a BOD Position.
Please nominate yourself or someone else for one of the BOD Positions described below by notifying John Beisner, RAMBO Vice President at  mail@rambo-mtb.org.
Newly elected BOD members will assume their positions on January 1, 2017 an hold office for one calendar year.

RAMBO BOD Position Descriptions:

  1. President:  The President shall be responsible for carrying out the directives of the Chapter Board of Directors.  Duties include strategic planning, ensuring RAMBO goals are consistent with the members’ desires, ensuring that important action items are accomplished, researching and pursuing funding, attending SORBA meetings, and supporting all board members and club activities.
  2.  Forsyth County Director: The Forsyth County Director shall be responsible for coordinating activities between Forsyth Country Park and Recreation Dept. and the RAMBO BOD. The Director shall perform strategic planning; ensuring RAMBO goals are consistent with the members’ desires, ensuring that important action items are accomplished, researching and pursuing funding, and supporting all board members and club activities.
  3. Vice President: The Vice President will be responsible for strategic planning, execution of RAMBO objectives, and assisting the president in administrative tasks and shall represent RAMBO in the absence of the President.  Additionally the VP shall be responsible for establishing monthly meetings and their location.
  4. Trail Director – Roswell- Alpharetta:  The Trail Director shall coordinate trail activities in Roswell and Alpharetta, including pursuing access to new lands for trail building, planning maintenance of existing trails, obtaining and directing volunteers at work parties, keeping a log of volunteer hours, developing relationships with local officials, and promoting proper trail etiquette. The Trail Director must be IMBA\SORBA Trail School certified.
  5. Trail Director – Forsyth County:  The Trail Director shall coordinate trail activities in Forsyth County, including pursuing access to new lands for trail building, planning maintenance of existing trails, obtaining and directing volunteers at work parties, keeping a log of volunteer hours, developing relationships with local officials, and promoting proper trail etiquette. The Trail Director must be IMBA\SORBA Trail School certified.
  6. Treasurer:  The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining RAMBO’s financial dealings per instruction from the SORBA Executive Board of Directors. The Treasure will produced documentation of all of RAMBO’s monthly transactions to SORBA each month.  The Chapter Treasurer will work closely with the SORBA Treasurer to maintain all accounts as necessary to follow the federal rules for 501-3 (c) status organizations.
  7. Membership Director:  The Membership Director shall create and manage a marketing plan to increase and sustain active members.  Duties include developing outreach materials and distribution mechanisms, arranging technical sessions/speakers/activities at monthly meetings, and seeing that “fun” (referring to strategic plan) activities occur throughout the year.  This position works closely with the Communications Director and Event Coordinator.
  8. Marketing Director:  The Marketing Director coordinates and executes marketing plans collaborated with the Membership and Communications Directors.  Duties include solicitations to prospective vendors, organizational donators and SORBA/RAMBO members; as well as, organize volunteer and donation campaign at RAMBO events.   The Communications Director shall manage and direct RAMBO communications.  Specific duties include writing; assisting, or reviewing important club documents including board minutes, grant proposals, outreach materials, club messages, maintaining the by-laws, RAMBO archives, and providing information to members and others from these resources.
  9. Event Director:  The Event Director shall lead all chapter events and outings. Responsibilities include planning, leading and executing events with the assistance of the BOD and Volunteers.
  10. Free Ride Director: The Free Ride Director will lead all items related to downhill and free riding in RAMBO’s area of responsibility.  In the case of trail changes the Free Ride Coordinator will consult with the Trail Director before significant changes are to be made to any trail or run. In the order of event planning the Free Ride Coordinator will enlist the assistance of the Events Coordinator when he feels appropriate.
  11. Ride Director: RAMBO’s Ride Director will lead all aspects of the Big Creek winter night riding program and other fun riding activity.
  12. Bike Patrol Director: The Bike Patrol Director will lead RAMBO’s bike patrol programs for each RAMBO trail system. The coordinator will train or organize the training of new patrollers, collect patrol reports and give monthly reports to the RAMBO Board of Directors.

Celebrating 20 years of Big Creek Freeride

From its humble beginnings in 1996, Big Creek Freeride (known then as Mansell trails) continues its tradition of a fun, gravity-fed place to ride, socialize, and progress as riders.

Chris Warren is the pioneer that started digging trails on the land back in 1996 to have a local place where he could train for downhill racing. Gully was the first trail he built, and more trails were added in a variety of forms over the years. After Gully, 'Bonebreaker' was the most well-known trail likely due to countless injuries. It later disappeared likely for the same reason. 

The City of Roswell acquired the 165-acre Big Creek Park and the Big Creek Freeride area in 2001, which legitimized the trails. Over the years, the freeride area was considered to be replaced by an aquatic center and the XC trails displaced by the need for a fire station. We're grateful the City recognized the importance of providing mountain bike trails for its residents and has chosen to preserve the Big Creek trail system.

One thing the trails have always had, is an army of trail gnomes and volunteers willing to work hard to advance the trails to the next level. Sweat equity using shovels and machinery by countless volunteers and literally tens of thousands of donated man-hours have helped keep Big Creek an exciting place to ride. No where in the State of Georgia is there a place like it with so much variety of gravity-fed trails. From beginner and expert dirt jumps to natural gravity-fed trails, Big Creek gives riders of all skill levels a place to practice, learn, and improve their bike handling skills.

On June 11, 2016, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Big Creek Freeride area with nearly 100 people. Those in attendance signed our yearbook, watched or rode in the whip off, and just had a great time riding trails with old and new friends. Plus tons of giveaways by our friends at Maxxis Tires. 

RAMBO would like to thank all of our volunteers, past and present board members, our supporting bike shops, IMBA, SORBA, the City of Roswell Parks and Rec, and all of our RAMBO members for helping us reach this milestone. 

See you on the trails!

An Open Letter to RAMBO from Neil Wagner

Neil Wagner starting the first stage of the 2016 Big Creek Quick Six Enduro. Turns out, it will be his final race volunteering with RAMBO. Photo Credit: Random Start Photography

Neil Wagner starting the first stage of the 2016 Big Creek Quick Six Enduro. Turns out, it will be his final race volunteering with RAMBO. Photo Credit: Random Start Photography

On May 21st my wife and I are moving to Portland, Oregon to live near our two daughters and our grandchildren. We have lived in Roswell since 1982, so this is a big change for us. It is an appropriate time to look back and remember how RAMBO played such a large part in my life and how important RAMBO was to my happiness and fulfillment.

For 8 years I served as RAMBO’s Trails Director. I loved every minute of it. I designed and led the building of the Big Creek Cross Country Trails and the Charleston Park Trails. I consider trail designing and building to be environmental art. The creative process was always an adventure. Some of you undoubtedly have heard me say this before, but here I go again. For me, laying out a trail system requires a lot of walking all over the area to be designed. I try to imagine what will be fun to ride, what I want to see, how riders will be challenged and what will my body feel as I struggle up a climbing section or the joy of floating through a flow section. At the point when the initial design is first completed, I emotionally feel that this is “my” trail. Next I get input from others and the design is changed for the better. Now those people own the trail. Then the volunteers come to build and maintain the trails and they too become trail owners. Finally the riders come to enjoy the trails. I know I have done my job correctly when hundreds, maybe even thousands of people emotionally feel they have ownership of the trails. I love to work on trails and teach people how to use tools and to see how their efforts keep the trails sustainable and fun. I hope others caught my enthusiasm. I never felt that riders must work on trails. I really only wanted people to volunteer because they wanted to have fun and feel the joy of creating and maintaining what they love.

For so many years, RAMBO was the center of my social life. RAMBO directors and members were my closest friends. There were so many great rides, cook-outs and camping trips. No matter what was going on in the rest of my life, every ride was fun and an adventure shared with friends. I know I will make new friends and have new riding buddies in Portland. There will be new trails to discover and enjoy. Of course, I hope to continue my passion of working on trails.

Being a starter at the Enduro event gave me the chance to say goodbye to so many friends and have one last RAMBO memory. It was especially moving when Jim Cullen called out to me as I walked to my car to leave, “Neil Wagner, have a great life!” I will and thank you RAMBO!

2016 Big Creek Quick Six Enduro Race Report

In 1996, Atlanta hosted the inaugural Olympic mountain bike event where Bart Brentjens and Paola Pezzo won gold. That same year, locals in Atlanta suburb, Roswell, began creating freeride-style trails and features. Miles of XC trails also existed, but in 2001, the City of Roswell purchased the 165-acre parcel to make everything legitimate. Urban bike park, Big Creek, was born.

The City partnered with IMBA/SORBA Chapter Roswell-Alpharetta Mountain Bike Org (RAMBO) to build and maintain the trail system. Since then, more than seven miles of XC trails, a network of gravity-fed freeride trails and dirt jumps, and the trail head for the 6.5 mile multi-use greenway have been added. Big Creek Park is the only freeride area in the state of Georgia.

The Quick Six is just that. Six short, but fast, downhill-focused stages, which is ideal for spectators to see all the action on each stage. Racers alternate between the downhill sections of the park’s XC trails and the freeride trails. Special one-day-only race lines are cut on the XC trails to amplify the downhill terrain. Unlike the EWS, there isn’t a time requirement to be at the next stage, which leads to a more relaxed vibe to the whole day. Shred. Chill. Repeat.

This year’s event was the largest yet, reaching its cap of 150 riders well ahead of race day. The 80-degree temps and sunshine certainly played its part. The last two years, the race was affectionately known as the Sloppy Five (only five stages could be completed due to lightning) and Slippery Six (rain right up until race start).

Expert Men was the battleground to watch. Chris Wyatt, a two-time event winner, was coming back from injury, but still super fast. Last year’s runner-up, Ben Hobbs (Joemoto Racing/Sunshine Cycles) used his motocross background to stay ultra-competitive in the freeride stages. Joe Karpus (MTBGarage.com), Ross Monckton (Sixes Pit Bikes), and Jesse Heard (HeroDirt/Fly Racing) were each taking top 3 spots on each stage throughout the day.

While the guys are all good friends, the appropriate level of smack talk was definitely keeping things interesting. The final stage, Lunch Line, would prove to be the separator between first and second overall, with Ben Hobbs taking the win by one second over Chris Wyatt. Ross Monckton and Joe Karpus traded spots all day, with Ross taking the sixth stage by two seconds to secure his spot on the podium. Jesse’s stage one win was not enough to hold off the rest of the crew and scored fifth overall for the day.

We’re thinking of getting the water tested in Athens, GA, because their crew of Terri Watts (Terrapin Beer Co.), Abby Hobbs (Ben’s sister), and Emily Cox (706 Project/Terrapin Beer Co.) were fast all day long. Terri held her own on five out of six stages, with Abby taking first on Stage Four, Honor Roll. Abby was also close on Stage Six just a second back, but finished 15 seconds behind Terri. Emily’s crash on stage 3 put second place out of reach, and she finished third on the day.

Another crew bringing the speed was from Blue Mountain Bikes in Blue Ridge, GA. Chase Key (Sport Men), River Key (Junior Men), and Michael Pate (Senior Men 40-49) all took the top podium step after crushing the competition. Next year’s event will feature team classes to see who really has the fastest squad.

View Full Race Results

The RAMBO crew would like to thank all racers, volunteers, spectators, event sponsor Fresh Bike Service, and their supporters Atomik Carbon, Bell, Smith Optics, and SRAM/Rock Shox, race timing by 3rd Coast Enduro Series, Village Burger, the City of Roswell Parks Department, and IMBA/SORBA for their support to help raise funds that go right back into our local trails.

Roswell-Alpharetta MTB Org.  www.rambo-mtb.org

Fresh Bike Service www.freshbikeservice.com

Race Photos:
Random Start Photography

H&H Multimedia

8 Reasons to Participate in the 2016 Roswell Bike Week

May is National Bike Month, and the Big Creek Enduro, and Roswell Bike Week. What can be better?

Mark your ride calendars because RAMBO has a big week planned for you...

Saturday May 7

Big Creek Quick 6 Enduro

The Enduro is sponsored by Fresh Bike Service and features great new routes, prizes, food, raffles and give aways. Come out and enjoy the fun and adrenalin.

Racers register here: https://www.bikereg.com/quicksix
About our sponsor: http://www.freshbikeservice.com/

Sunday May 8

Scott & Specialized Bikes factory demo sponsored by Roswell Bicycles.

Just show up at Big Creek and ride the latest machines from Specialized and Scott Bikes.

Details here: http://www.roswellbicycles.com/index.php/events/roswell-cycling-festival

Wednesday May 11

Big Creek Night Ride AND demo bikes from Scott sponsored by Roswell Bikes

The Wednesday night ride and Scott demo is for those who did not get enough riding on the weekend. You get to check out the latest bikes from Scott and ride into the evening (bring those lights). Info: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/events/2016/5/11/night-ride-and-scott-bikes-demo-at-big-creek-sponsored-by-roswell-bicycles

Saturday May 14

Big Creek Kids Skills clinic and Pump Track Challenge sponsored by Rowell Bicycles AND another Scott Bikes Factory Demo.

Bring the kids to Big Creek Park for a skills clinic taught by experienced instructors and then let them test their new skills on the pump tracks. We will have a kids class and an open class for the Pump Track Challenge.  

Here’s what you need to know: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/events/2016/5/14/kids-skills-clinic-and-pump-track-challenge-at-big-creek

Friday May 13

Roswell Bike and Beverage tour sponsored by Bike Roswell.

Check out the Bike Roswell site for full Roswell Bike Week schedule: http://www.bikeroswell.com/

Sunday May 15

Change bike disciplines and do the Roswell Mayors Ride with Bike Roswell and 1,000 of your best bike friends.

Stick around for the fun, fast and entertaining Historic Roswell Crit Sunday afternoon right in the heart of historic Roswell. 

Stop by the RAMBO Event Tent on the epic Mayor’s Corner for some great race action.

If that doesn’t get your May Bike Month started off on the right pedal, nothing will.

Come out and celebrate all things biking with RAMBO in May.

From your friends at RAMBO
We build the trails you ride… JOIN US! 

Winter Trail Enhancements at Big Creek

With the support of countless volunteers (THANK YOU!), the RAMBO crew was busy this Winter updating many areas at Big Creek XC and Big Creek Freeride. We hope you enjoy the updates, and join us for the next work party. 

Big Creek XC:

  • More than doubled the length and fun of Troll Trail, while maintaining its natural character 
  • Rebuilt the Roswell Bicycles/Specialized Bicycles large pumptrack, including re-spacing the rollers and recapping the whole track
  • Created two new, gravel-covered, overflow parking areas in front of the pumptracks
  • Revamped the Skillet Enduro line, added a massive new rock feature

Big Creek Freeride:

  • Rebuilt sections of Typhoon and added an alt line
  • Added an alt line to Honor Roll including a new turn and jump
  • Repaired berms and jumps on Slalom
  • Added Hawkeye trail 
  • Added picnic tables and several new amenities
  • Purchased the storage container from the City of Roswell
  • Improved signage and fencing

We want to thank all of the volunteers, board members, sponsors, and chapter members for supporting the continued investments at Big Creek, Haw Creek, and Charleston Park. If you're not a RAMBO member, we'd love to have your support to help us build the next fun trail or feature.

Attention: Forsyth County Area MTB Riders

Forsyth County Parks and Recreation is building a 10 year master plan to create the vision for the future of their parks. 

Mountain Bikers, please attend these informal open houses in person to voice your desire for more Mountain Bike Trails and more types of mountain biking in Forsyth County. 

If we do not show up and let our voices be heard, Mountain Biking will not receive much attention in the master plan.

Public input meetings:

Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan Public Input Meeting
Tuesday, March 8
6 - 7 p.m.
Central Park Recreation Center (2300 Keith Bridge Road, Cumming, GA, 30040)

Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan Public Input Meeting
Wednesday, March 9
10 a.m. - Noon
Midway Park Community Building (5100 Post Road, Cumming, GA, 30040)

Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Master Plan Public Input Meeting
Wednesday, March 9
6 - 8 p.m.
Old Atlanta Park Recreation Center (810 Nichols Road, Suwanee, GA, 30024)

2015 Big Creek Quick Six Enduro Recap

Leading up to this year's Big Creek Quick Six Enduro Powered by Fresh Bike Service, weather was certainly not on our side. Rain poured the entire week, and early forecasts for race day called for 100% chance of rain. The RAMBO crew and racers alike didn't want to see a repeat of last year where it poured the entire race (even though we had a great time). 

While the trails were wet, they seemed to handle the rain better than expected. Surprisingly, the skies dried up from 8pm the night before through 5pm on race day. We had ourselves a reasonable and safe window to host the race.

This year's Enduro was the featured opening event of the Hennessy Jaguar Land Rover Centres Roswell Cycling Festival that culminated with the famous Historic Roswell Criterium. The 2015 Roswell Cycling Festival featured a variety of races and rides designed to encourage residents to get out on their bikes and enjoy all the the Bicycle-friendly City of Roswell has to offer.

Leading up to this year's race, RAMBO Trail Director Jim Cullen, added in some very trick new lines on the XC side, and RAMBO Night Ride Coordinator, Ross Monckton, nailed down the lines in the Freeride area including both rock gardens and the Gully. On the XC side, new lines included an extension of the rock garden on Skillet Express and a new roadside line with a step-down, triple, roller and a fast right-hander berm. Everyone raved about the new lines and enjoyed that the "local" advantage was leveled, since most didn't know the exact course until race day.

Stages 1, 3, and 5 started in the XC area, and then riders headed to the start of the even stages 2, 4, 6 in the Freeride area via the greenway. Racers relaxed and chatted with friends along the way adding to the fun factor of the Enduro. 

Timing for this year's event was a MAJOR improvement in efficiency. Brent Noisette of Third Coast Enduro Series offered his system and expertise to lead the timing effort. With just a few volunteers, we were able to keep the flow of the race moving and racers had nothing but praise.

The entire Enduro was topped off with a TON of swag courtesy of Fresh Bike Service, Bell Helmets, Fox Shox, Atomik Wheels, SRAM and more. Ross Milan of Yeti Factory team MC'd the awards and raffles to a huge crowd. 

This year's Enduro raised $2,500, plus an additional $1,000 grant courtesy of Fresh Bike Service and Bell Helmets. Proceeds will go directly into the trails at Big Creek Park for improvements and expansion. 

Come join us next year for more Enduro fun!

2015 Big Creek Quick Six Enduro Results

Photo Credit: Eric Marston

Quick 6 Enduro, Roswell Bike Week - A BUSY April

April is shaping up to be the busiest month of MTB fun for local cyclists.

We are excited to work with Bike Roswell to introduce Roswell Bike Week - a week long celebration of all things biking in Roswell.

Full schedule of events: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/events/?view=calendar&month=April-2015

The Roswell Bike Week action starts on Saturday April 18 with the Big Creek Quick 6 Enduro sponsored by Fresh Bike Service. Sign up here: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/big-creek-quick-six-enduro .

RAMBO is adding new "Fresh lines" to amp up the excitement. You will see new rock gardens, jumps and fast berms. Not only will we be hosting 150 Enduro Racers and their friends, we will be providing volunteers for the Dirty Spokes Peach Jam Half Marathon on the Forsyth Greenway. 

Note that we plan a trail building party at Big Creek Saturday (4/11) to get the trails and Fresh lines ready for competition. If you want to see the new lines, you need to help build them...

The weekend continues with concurrent bike demos on Sunday April 19. Cycleworks is sponsoring a Trek Bikes factory demo at Big Creek and NorthStar Bikes is sponsoring a Pivot Bikes factory demo at Charleston Park. Both demos run from 10 to 3.

Monday April 20 RAMBO will conduct a Kids Bike Skills Clinic at Big Creek Park starting at 5:00 PM. The skills clinic is a great way to have your kid learn about safe bike handling and will give them the confidence to ride their bike almost anywhere.

On Tuesday, our friends at Bike Roswell take the lead in an easy paced road ride on the Big Creek Greenway. This is a great way to meet new bike friends from all around and have an easy ride on the Roswell / Alpharetta Greenway.

Wednesday April 22 is a Spring Night Ride at Big Creek. Its the last chance to get your lights fired up for a great warm weather night ride. If you haven’t ridden at night yet, this is your time to test your night riding skills.

Thursday April 23 it’s Bike Roswell’s turn to take you on a road ride starting at Riverside Park. Be ready to ride at 6:00 PM. Break out your skinny wheels for a ride around historic Roswell.

Friday April 24 Bike Roswell and RAMBO team up for the 2015 Bike and  Beverage tour.  It’s a leisurely ride around Historic Roswell taking in the sights and some of historic Roswell’s famous pubs and eateries. Everyone’s welcome on this 3 mile ride… Meet at Lucky’s Burger & Brew at 6:00 PM.

Saturday, it’s time for more dirt with the RAMBO Pump Track race at Big Creek Park, sponsored by Roswell Cycles.  This race is a timed event and it is especially fun for the young kids. The race is run from 10 to Noon with a fun picnic after.

Not to be outdone, the big day is Sunday April 26. The Roswell Cycling Festival kicks off at 7:30 AM with the Roswell Mayor’s Ride followed by the Roswell Criterium. The Crit is the most action packed road race you will ever see. It’s a great event for the whole family as you take in the action and some kraft beverages at the local Roswell restaurants.

If the month of April doesn’t get you into the cycle scene, nothing will. But remember, we can’t do this without volunteers like you.  If you are interested in helping with any of these events please contact us at: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/contact/ .

RAMBO - We build the trails you ride… Join Us!

RAMBO's 2015 Plans: New year. More fun.

Fellow riders,
The new RAMBO BOD conducted its kickoff meeting for 2015. As you know, we had a great 2014 and we think 2015 will blow your cycling socks off...

But first, we can’t do this without active members and volunteers like you. We need you to join RAMBO (membership dues directly benefit the trails you ride) and volunteer every once in a while during our trail building events. Here’s a link to sign up: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/join-us

Besides riding on existing trails, what’s in it for you? Your participation will help us bring even more trails and fun events to the riding public. Oh, and forgot to mention volunteers will have chances to win cool prizes at our trail building parties and earn discounts on entry fees to biking events like the Summer TT and the Enduro.

With your help here’s what we plan to do in 2015:

  • Open 6 miles of trail at Charleston Park on Lake Lanier where you can ride, swim and boat all in one place
  • Double the length of the infamous Troll Trail 
  • Build additional new trail on Pine Hill
  • Add beginner / intermediate lines to the upgraded Dirt Jumps 
  • Build great new downhill lines in the Free Ride area
  • Add a new Pump Track to Haw Creek Park
  • Conduct skills clinics for everyone from young kids to advanced downhillers
  • Enduro 2.0! With even more radical lines. Mark your calendars for April 18.
  • Race the summer Time Trial series with new Free Ride & Pump Track races added
  • Sponsor more fun events like group rides and camp outs at other trails in the Southeast

These are just a few things that we have planned for 2015 - THAT’S what’s in it for you. 
We build the trails you ride… Join Us!