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Summer TT Series | Roswell Bicycles XC #1

  • Big Creek Park 1600 Old Alabama Rd Roswell, GA, 30076 United States (map)

XC #1 Results (click for details):

Men 34 and under

Men 35 and over

Women's Open

Single Speed

Big Creek Summer Time Trial Rules

General Rules 

  1. You must be a current IMBA-SORBA member to participate in this Time Trial. Memberships will be available on-site for non-members.
  2. Do not lose or alter your Race Plate NUMBER.  
  3. All races must be performed on a form of Mt. Bike.  
  4. Riders must enter and race in the correct age category for XC racing.  Your racing age for the entire year is the age that you will be on December 31, 2015.
  5. The course is CLEARLY marked—cutting the course will result in a DQ.
  6. All participants will be required to wear an ANSI or Snell approved helmet at all times while riding.  Penalty is DQ.
  7. Outside assistance is not permitted during the race.  Racers may assist other racers.
  8. All food and drink for the race must be carried with the racer.  There will be no water stops on the course.  Please carry all wrappers off the course.
  9. Race Plate NUMBER must be visible at all times.
  10. In the event of a mechanical, the racer must cross the finish line with his/her bike to receive an official finish time.
  11. Please exercise caution and good sportsmanship when passing other racers on the trail. 
  12. Communicate early and clearly.

XC Rules

  1. XC Registration Begins at 5:30 PM and ends at 7:55 PM
  2. XC Racing starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM.
  3. Laps will be run clockwise with the first racer out at 6 PM and the last at 8 PM 
  4. Start order will be in the order you arrive at the starter’s area.  Please form an orderly 
  5. Each rider can complete as many timed laps as time allows. The best individual time from each day will be recorded as your final result for that day.
  6. Your 2 best race times from the 3 racers will be used to define 
  7. If you DQ or DNF please let the XC Race finishers know so we are not looking for your lost time in our data base. 

Event Rain Policy

With the understanding that IMBA-SORBA is an organization that advocates trail preservation, organizers will take into consideration trail conditions and weather when deciding to hold an organized IMBA-SORBA event on public land. 

IMBA-SORBA recognizes that some land managers exercise veto power over events on their trails. The following considerations are guidelines to assist a IMBA-SORBA organizer to make a decision when the land manager is a disinterested party:

  • All IMBA-SORBA events must have an alternate plan in case of inclement conditions. The plan could include alternate routes, lap reductions, or rain dates. 
  • An organizer or organizing committee should be sensitive to trail conditions 72 to 48 hours before an event. If conditions are poor and it appears they will not improve, then the event should be postponed or cancelled. 
  • Cancellation or postponement must be announced on and every effort to communicate the event change will be undertaken by the organizer.
  • If weather conditions worsen within the 72 to 48 hour window, then the organizer must decide if the event can go forward taking into consideration the trail conditions and safety of participants. Rerouting the event to make use of roads and to move the event off fragile trail surfaces may be an alternative when possible. These decisions should be made by consensus of the organizing event committee. 
  • If the weather is so bad that even the alternative route is not useable, then the event must be postponed or canceled.  Environmental protection, participant safety, and the public perception of the sport must be considered. 
  • If cancellation is the only option, refunds of entry fees may NOT be possible.
  • After an event begins under good circumstances, but conditions worsen, the organizer or organizing committee should take measures to limit impact and insure the safety of participants.
  • The organizer and the event committee are expected to balance the benefits to IMBA-SORBA against the impact to the trail, IMBA-SORBA’s mission and the participants when making a decision to run an event.
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