Charleston Park Update - July

Trail Construction Status

RAMBO has received confirmation that the Contractor will be done at Charleston Park by Labor Day. RAMBO is working with Forsyth County to get trail signage complete and do some finishing touches on the trail. We should be able to open the trail for riding in Mid September. Next we are working to have a huge Grand Opening Party in Mid October. 

Thanks to everyone that helped make this possible. Special Thanks to Matt Pate in the Forsyth County Park and Rec Dept. Matt worked through too many road blocks to remember to bring this park to us. Without him this would have never happened. Thanks Matt!

Eagle Scout Bike Rack and Bench Builds

RAMBO was lucky to have a group of Volunteers help with the work being done at Charleston Park in Forsyth County Georgia. We received an update from them yesterday which we would like to share: 'This weekend an Eagle scout candidate from Troop 245 in Cumming, GA, met at a point on Charleston Park with Chris Frohsin (Forsyth County Parks and Recreation) and a team of volunteers to build the two 6-ft benches, two 6-ft picnic tables, and the 10-ft bike rack (holds 7 bikes).
There were 17 people who volunteered to help build and level areas for the structure. All told there are at least 160 man-hours involved. We are still totaling the hours and final cost, which is about $450. 
We were thankful to partner with such great groups of people and resources! Forsyth County Parks and Recreation donated the cost of lumber and hardware ($300), and working with Matt Pate and Chris Frohsin was an asset as well. Lowe's greatly discounted the lumber and hardware which was a benefit not only to us but also to Forsyth County Parks and Rec. RAMBO specified what they wanted and where and acted as a liason between Matt Pate and the Boy scout.
I think this shows how groups working together not only help each other but also benefit the community. The Boy Scouts of America partnered well with both Forsyth County Parks and Rec and RAMBO to build structures that will improve the park and make it more enjoyable for the community.