Meet your new 2019 RAMBO BOD

If you did not attend the December RAMBO Chapter meeting and BOD elections Monday evening (Dec 17) you missed the action. Voting was tense and we had a few nail biting votes. Please note we have some OPEN positions that we would really like to fill (see positions labeled OPEN below).

So meet your new 2019 RAMBO BOD:


President: Brad Wender
Vice President: John Beisner
Treasurer: Kevin Ash
Director - Forsyth County: Joe Baker
Trail Director-Roswell/Alpharetta: Jim Cullen
Trail Director - Forsyth County: Charles Scherer
Bike Patrol Director: Tim Mondor
Free Ride Director: Ryan Kramer
Ride Director: OPEN
Membership Director - Andy Gress
Marketing Director – George Aubrey

Non-Voting Members-at-Large
Events Coordinator - Forsyth County - Jeff Welling
Events Coordinator - Roswell/Alpharetta - OPEN