RAMBO's Position on the Possible Destruction of Big Creek Park

As the MTB public knows, we are facing the destruction of Big Creek Park. The tranquil wooded hiking and biking trails that take advantage of the natural environment, will be clear cut, leveled and paved over for 60 acres of 130+ tennis courts. RAMBO does not believe that destroying over 60 acres of natural wooded parkland is a good idea when there are many more alternative locations in the immediate area.

RAMBO would like to share our position on this situation. First, to clarify our mission “The Roswell Alpharetta Mountain Bike Organization is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving off road biking recreational opportunities through advocacy for quality trail systems. RAMBO fosters relationships with community leaders & land managers, promotes volunteerism, and outdoor recreation that is consistent with environmental protection, thereby strengthening the community and quality of life.”

Big Creek Park has always been free and open to the public. Clear cutting the forest and replacing it with a private club which excludes the public from free enjoyment of the area is anathema to the reason Big Creek Park was purchased by the City. RAMBO has always focused on Big Creek Park as a community gathering place for young and old who can enjoy exercise and the tranquility of the hiking and biking trails while still being in the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city. Big Creek Park is unique and loved by the community, which is we have our annual family festival and the City of Roswell Parks Dept uses our trails for part of their kids summer camp program. 

RAMBO believes that the community (citizens, government, local business) should have a say in the future of the park. Deals done behind the scenes and sprung on the community are not a good approach to government business. In that light, we call for a 60-day open discussion period to allow all interests a voice, environmental, traffic and feasibility studies to be done, and a thorough legal review of the proposed MOU. RAMBO is committed to our mission and will continue to work with the City of Roswell to further develop quality trails in the community.

RAMBO still requests that the Roswell City Commissioners and Mayor vote NO to the destruction of Big Creek Park.