RAMBO 2014 Accomplishments 2015 BOD Upcoming Elections

RAMBO Members and Supporters

RAMBO has had a very productive year in 2014 delivering on numerous exciting goals for our community. 

2014 Accomplishments:

1.    Conducted 22 trail building days across all 5 parks resulting in several thousand volunteers hours of trail building

2.    Built new Dirt Jumps and a new Pump Track at Big Creek Park

3.    Added 1.3 miles of single track trail, jumps and berms at Central Park

4.    Added 0.75 miles of single track trail and a huge Pump Track at Haw Creek Park

5.    Added a parking lot, bridge, kiosk and signage to Charleston Park thanks to a $60,000 RTP Grant and $2000 Reality Bikes Donation

6.    Created new more user friendly RAMBO Website

7.    New safety system and correlating signage at Big Creek Park  $3000 investment donated by Roswell Parks and Rec

8.    Promoted and executed the first ever ENDURO race in Georgia with lead Sponsor FRESH Bikes

9.    Held our 10th annual Fall Family Festival which was attended by more kids that ever before.

10. Worked with the City of Roswell on your behalf to find a new location for the Holcomb Bridge Fire Station

11. Promoted and Conducted our Big Creek Summer Time Trial Series with Sponsors Alpha Bikes and Care More Chiropractic

What a great year!!!  Thanks to everyone that made all of this possible.  Check out our outstanding partners that helped make all of this happen: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/partners/

Time for a New 2015 BOD:

So now it is time to build a new team for 2015:

It’s time to elect a new Board of Directors for RAMBO 2015. We are looking into our community for energetic team members that want to help drive our parks and trails to be the best they can be.

Currently we have the following positions: (Named slots represent current nominations for which additional nominations may occur)

President – Brad Wender

VP - John Beisner

Roswell Alpha Trail Director – Jim Cullen

Communications Director - OPEN

Membership Director - OPEN

Marketing Director – OPEN

Webmaster - OPEN

Treasurer – RC Connell

Roswell Alpha Events Coordinator - OPEN

Bike Patrol Coordinator – Michael Petters

Free Ride Coordinator - Ryan Kramer

Night Ride Coordinator – Ross Monckton

Forsyth County Director - Joe Baker

Forsyth County Trail Director - Chris Frohsin

Forsyth County Events Coordinator – OPEN

 The nominations and elections take place during the December Chapter Meeting (Monday 12/15 7:00 PM at the Harp Irish Pub in Roswell).

Election Details: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/blog/2014/11/11/rambo-2015-bod-nominations-and-elections-we-need-your-input 

Meeting Details: http://www.rambo-mtb.org/events/2014/12/18/rambo-chapter-meeting

December Chapter Meeting Agenda

·         Communications discussion

         Community building activities - Open

o   Bikes For Kids update

o   Mapping of Greenway and Mt Adams

o   RAMBO Cares program

·         Night Ride update

·         Forsyth County update

·         BOD 2015 Nominations

·         BOD 2015 Elections

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions,   http://www.rambo-mtb.org/contact/ 

Thank You

Your 2014 RAMBO BOD